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Rasnov Cultural Tour

Rasnov Cultural Tour – Discover the hidden history of archaic times

One of the most suitable destinations where you can make the most of is Rasnov. We have prepared, together with our guides, the Rasnov Cultural Tour, which will take you through the historical alleys of the town. The small town of Brasov has a history of more than 2000 years, offers you many medieval alleys where you can stroll freely and is a gateway to dozens of places where you can do mountain activities and discover nature in all its splendor.

You have plenty of options.

Visit the Rasnov Fortress

It’s the focal point of a visit to this town and has every reason to be so. The fortress is a fortified complex situated on one of the hills surrounding the town. If you get here, you’ll have an excellent panoramic view and be able to discover history in its purest form.

Built in the early 13th Century by the Teutonic knights, the fortress still retains many structures dating back to the 14th Century. If you’re lucky, you can discover plenty of interesting events here, such as festivals held year after year. During non-event periods, you can visit the feudal art museum and purchase various souvenirs. You can learn more about the Fortress and its history on the Rasnov Cultural Tour.

Rasnov Fortress is one of the locations where the film ‘Cold Mountain’ starring Nicole Kidman and Jude Law was shot.

Walk through the town’s SISSI Promenade Park

Rasnov Cultural TourIt is a beautiful park where you can find some relaxing moments. It has its own history, being built in 1879 in honor of Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, who was called Sissi. The place has been restored quite recently and is worth at least a few minutes of your walk through Rasnov. We will walk together in this park, as part of the Rasnov Cultural Tour.

A visit to Dino Parc, a delight for children

If you’re ready to go back a few million years, Dino Parc is the perfect place to do it. It is the largest dinosaur theme park in South Eastern Europe and is the perfect destination for Paleontology enthusiasts. Here you will find 47 life-size dinosaurs made of fiberglass and resin. Both adults and children can have a unique experience walking among the dinosaurs on an area of 1.5 hectares. Dino Parc is not only an open-air museum with dinosaurs, but also an excellent adventure park, where the treetop trails and ziplines are adrenaline-generating.

Convinced? You have some excellent reasons to choose to book the Rasnov Cultural Tour. Don’t dwell on it. If you wish, we can suggest other tours and trips that we organize with private groups. We are waiting for you!

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